Faux Paw (Pas): Chewing Shoes


Yup – that is the face he makes when he gets in trouble!

Having Slider in my home has made me very happy. He has a wonderful personality, and for the most part behaves well. Slider is eager to learn and please but still enjoys a bit of puppy mischief. I have to say… it keeps things interesting.

Yesterday, there was a casualty in my home as a result of a faux paw (pas) made on Slider’s part: teething puppy could not locate a toy, so he ventured into my closet for a shoe. I heard him chomping away, and realized that he was very happily devouring a pink, satin high heel.

I removed the shoe from his grasp and redirected him, giving him a Kong ball instead. Then, I sadly threw out the heels – as nothing could be done to save them. What is funny to me is that I was not upset with him. I loved those shoes but love him more. Situations like this are just a part of puppy-raising, and I am willing to embrace it all – the good, the bad, and the “chewy!”

Taking care of him is hard work. I have to make sacrifices in order to provide him with what he needs. It is worth it to me though. He is going to be an awesome service dog, and I am proud that I get to help with his development.



2 thoughts on “Faux Paw (Pas): Chewing Shoes

  1. Slider your a handsome boy πŸ’™β€οΈ The mindless people that gave you up 😑 Oh well !! Their loss !!
    People should always do research before choosing a new member of the Family. It’s not the Animals fault.
    Sending you love and {{{{HUGGS}}}} sweet boy and prayers for a long and happy life with your Family !! β€οΈπŸΎπŸΎπŸ’™


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