Do You Know What A BABL Is?


K9s For Warriors has a rich history of rescuing and training BABLs. With their sharp wit, innate enthusiasm, and gentle demeanor… they are highly trainable, which makes them great service dogs. BABLs have a very high success rate at K9s For Warriors and excel in the unique roles that they are hand-picked to fulfill. Dozens of BABLs have been paired to many deserving veterans throughout the years. A distinctive canine classification, BABLs live by the work hard – play hard mantra. Warriors that get BABLs as service dogs are very lucky, as these dogs are passionate about serving but also take great pride in their sheer ability to “be cool.”


Due to a long past and many generations of BABLs being selectively bred for their working genes, they have a natural drive and temperament for accomplishing important tasks. They are honored to stand by their warriors’ sides. The minute their vests are strapped onto them, the mission to serve is their only focus!


I can only hope that Slider will grow up to be a BABL – following in the pawsteps of the others preceding him. Freedom, Dell, Falcon, Deuce, Dozer, Beemer, and Jake are just a few of my personal favorite BABLs! But there have been so many more!

So, what is a BABL you ask?

A BABL is a Bad A** Black Lab.


Without BABLs, K9s For Warriors, and the world, would just not be the same.

Do you know a BABL? Post a comment!


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