Camera Ready!

Untitled-25Slider and I recently had the opportunity to participate in an on-camera interview with Jacksonville’s BUZZ Magazine. This segment was filmed for their video blog (vlog) in the area of Community Focus. As a PR professional, I enjoy helping out with media coverage – especially when it is on a local level. It is important that K9s For Warriors creates awareness for our program, so we can acquire additional funding to save more lives. This was the very first time Slider and I ever did anything like this together.


I have to admit, I was worried about how Slider would behave on the set. I was convinced that I would have a hard time answering questions and staying focus because my mind would be fixated on Slider. You never know how a service dog in-training will respond to a camerasaaasituation they have never been exposed to. Not only was this a location Slider has never been to, but there were a ton of distractions: bright lights, cameras, props, and new people. Slider amazed me. He did great and was not affected by anything. He sat quietly while the interview was conducted and was a wonderful program ambassador for K9s. The camera definitely loved him! It is a great privilege to raise Slider and help prepare him for his training. It is a challenge, but something that is very special and worth it.

Click here to check out the interview.



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