Woof-Worthy Places Of Jax


As part of Slider’s socialization and pre-service dog training, I take him to a ton of places with me around Jacksonville. I’ve been keeping a mental note of which ones have been the most welcoming. Under the ADA, I am not required to get permission to access a public place with Slider. However, it is very nice when business employees and owners enjoy our presence. Believe it or not, there are places that would prefer us to take our business elsewhere. We still go on in, of course. Sometimes we may even get snarky!

On the contraire – there are places out there on the First Coast that think we are awesome. These businesses engage with us and show an authentic interest us. They are very courteous and respectful, which is certainly appreciated. In other words, we basically love these establishments!

Places approved by Slider with a tail-wag!

Woof Gang Bakery


This chic doggy boutique and spa has a great energy. Slider enjoyed exploring all their great product lines, including his very favorite… Merrick. Slider picked out some super fancy bakery items and got a spiffy doughnut toy. The staff was very friendly and even gave us a bunch of samples to take back to Camp K9. We can’t wait to go back to order his birthday cake!

World of Beer


Meeting my friends here when I have Slider is always a good time. The staff is very hospitable – always offering him treats and fresh water. Slider likes sitting at (or under) the high-top tables because it is super roomy for him.

Bank Of America (Baymeadows Rd Location)


This is the first place Slider understood the “cover” command. I was at the bank to make a transaction but also practicing training with Slider. The staff could see that I was trying to work with him, and they were very understanding.

Starbucks (Southside Blvd and Gate Pkwy Locations)


They have a poster on their community board that says “we welcome service animals!” I have to say… they really do. Slider and I venture into Starbucks a few times a week, so I can get a cinnamon dolce latte, and it is always a positive experience. Slider is a big fan of the cup of whipped cream topped with a dog treat!



This environment is so relaxed. With outdoor patio seating, patrons can dine with their dogs. Slider likes the smell of burgers and if I accidentally drop a shoestring french fry onto the floor – his day has improved. The employees here are very outgoing and easy to chat with.

Veteran’s United Brewery


This brewery understands the importance of service dogs, because they are all about veterans. Slider has met some of the employees here and has even helped them out with a recent social media post. VU also permits nonservice dogs inside, which is great because Slider can socialize with other dogs while I socialize with other people.

I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to these wonderful places for their great service and awareness of service dog etiquette.




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