A Namesake In Neptune

Slider is an interesting, whimsical name. I get asked all the time: “why is your dog named Slider?” Well, his sponsor, Fletcher High, chose this name. But where did the idea for this name come from? This name was given in honor of a little seafood restaurant in Neptune Beach, Florida.


Sliders Seafood Grille has been a local favorite for quite some time but more so than that, Fletcher has hosted charity events at this Neptune Beach staple… and so, the school named their fourth sponsored dog “Slider.”

Last week, I was contacted by the owner of Sliders. She asked if she and the restaurant employees could meet Slider. I excitedly agreed. Slider, a few friends, and I dined at the establishment last Friday. The staff was very happy to meet Slider; he had a great time sitting outside, enjoying the salty breeze. It was a memorable outing. Now we are looking forward to graduation day, when we can invite all our new friends to share in the joy of saving a veteran. Stay tuned!





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