Meet Your Match


Last week, five new veterans arrived at Camp K9; Slider was matched to one of them. I was very surprised and excited when I was informed of this. Dog Day came (when veterans are introduced to their dogs), and I stayed inside while my K9s family observed and cheered, like we always do. It was a decision I made out of respect for both Slider and his warrior. I did not want to be a distraction. I, however, did peek out of the blinds from my desk, my view partially obstructed by a tree and the famous K9s Dog House.

I was told that both Slider and his veteran seemed happy, and since that day, they have been training together… bonding and preparing for their new life together. Still, I remain low-key. When I hear that the warriors are back from training, I look through my blinds. Slider walks with a jubilant hop – almost like he knows that his hard work has paid off. He is still the same to me: sweet, whimsical, and inquisitive… except now he is dedicated to his mission, being a service dog.



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