The Slider Conclusion

Last Thursday was a day I have been anticipating since I met Slider: Graduation.Emotions were intense. It was a day I will not soon forget, for a variety of reasons. It wasn’t what I expected, either. The evening went by so quickly; I could hardly process it.


The mother of Slider’s warrior (Jason) approached me with kind words and a warm hug. She thanked me. I am a mother to a son as well, and my son happened to be by my side during this time. Some moments do not need to be justified with a ton of words. You do not need to know someone well – or at all – to share one of these memorable, touching instances with another being.


Sometimes you just have the moment, recognize it, then you part ways. The feelings I experienced reminded me of a poem I came across as a child – Some People by Flavia Weedn. I think these words are very relevant in this situation.

The moment I experienced with Jason’s mom and the bond I will always share with Slider and Jason can be summarized by this:



Thank you, K9s For Warriors and Slider, for teaching me to be a selfless. I learned about putting others before myself a long time ago; but at some point – like many of us – I forgot how to do it. Getting lost in the shuffle of my own life, wants, needs, and pain… I forgot how wonderful it feels to live for others. I needed to remember what the human heart was capable of, and I wanted to share that with my son. I have.

My final words in this blog post will be to wish Jason and Slider well. May you have many special days together, doing what you love most with whom you love most. May you find comfort in each other. May your spirits dance.



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